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Grain Cleaning Equipment

Post-harvesting treatment is the key point in grain production. It defines reimbursement of expenses for all previous stages of the grain processing cycle. Will it have any sense to introduce fertilizers, to sow stock seeds, to purchase combine harvesters and tractors on tally, to pay bonuses to mechanizers if the record harvest is going to lie unprocessed for two months in the rain?

"MELINVEST" JSC manufactures completely equipped grain cleaning facilities and the full range of equipment for the existing lines reconstruction and improvement.
It is widely acknowledged that the product quality depends on the final processing stage. The commercial batch grade and price depend directly on the degree of grain cleaning from impurities, its cautious transportation, drying time, sorting and storing conditions.

Drum Scalping Machine — The Optimal Solution For Grain Preliminary Cleaning

Drum scalping machine, model A1-BZO, is meant for separating coarse and large-size foreign and straw impurities to prevent the receiving and distributing systems of the further grain cleaning equipment from clogging.

> preliminary cleaning

Grain Cleaning Separators — Primary Cleaning

Grain cleaning separators are meant for separating wheat grain from impurities which differ in width, thickness and aerodynamic properties.

> primary cleaning

Secondary And Seed Cleaning

Specific requirements are placed on seed grain cleaning equipment, as long as poor cleaning, drying and storage of seeds cause unplanned losses for the next year in the amount of 9 % at all stages.
"MELINVEST" JSC has developed a range of equipment for seed cleaning.

> secondary & seed cleaning

"MELINVEST" JSC produces equipment which complies with the key lean production parameters. It is adapted to the actual raw material and operation conditions. It is highly productive at low energy consumption.

This equipment is quite cheap as well as easy to assemble and to maintain. This means there will be no shut-down at the manufacturing line and no associated losses.