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Grain Dryers

Product prime cost reduction is the key point to be followed by the designers of "MELINVEST" JSC while developing the equipment for post-harvesting grain processing, as well as while designing grain cleaning and drying facilities.

Grain dryers for various applications are the key part of such facilities. Our enterprise manufactures grain dryers of two types: shaft-type and tower-type.
The principles of their construction solution and engineering design are recognized as the most successful in the world with relation to productivity and energy intensity.

Shaft-Type Grain Dryers, Model VESTA

Shaft-type grain dryers are meant for processing a wide range of croppers. The dryer strictly maintains the adjusted drying regime, which allows processing seed grain and such a capricious cropper as rape. It is achieved by using the burner, produced by the Italian company "RIELLO", the leading world manufacturer. A wide range of working regimes permits to vary the moisture removal percent per one passage depending on the cropper specificity. Drying uniformity is ensured by the optimal grain flow distribution through the whole shaft capacity. European delicacy in grain processing is the branded script of VESTA grain dryers.

Shaft-type grain dryer, model VESTA has perfectly approved itself in work with all types of cereals, beans and oil-bearing crops.

Strictly set heating & cooling regimes and use of calculated air volume allow maintaining the perfect drying technology. The polymeric lining of the bearing elements protects grain from stress & crash.

Delicate drying regimes allow using VESTA grain dryers for seed grain preparation.

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