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ENSIS 3015 AJ 6000 Fiber laser (AMADA, JAPAN)

Fiber laser cuts through ferrous steel up to a thickness of 25 millimeters (depending on material quality). The ENSIS AJ is ideally suited for ferrous steels as well as for nonferrous metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass or titanium. 


EM-3612 ZRT Punching machine (AMADA, JAPAN)

EM-3612 ZRT is a turret punch press that is able to machine large sheets without repositioning. The four thread tapping stations integrated in the punching machine turret are automatically exchanged in the same way as the other tools.


UNION TC 110 Table-type horizontal boring mill (GERMANY)

The table-type horizontal boring mills of the T-series are perfectly designed for the effective multi-side machining of medium-sized parts. Operational area is up to 2.500 x 2.500 x 1.500 мм.


HFE M2 Press brake with AB Pad EVOLUTION controller (AMADA, JAPAN)

The HFE includes a sheet follower function and useful feature when bending asymmetrical parts. The HFE M2 press brake has an angle adjustment BI-J (Bending Indicator), measures the bend angle directly during the bending process, regulates of the spring back independently during the bending process. 

Haas ST-30 High-performance turning center  (USA

Universal high-precision lathe is designed to perform a wide variety of high-precision turning, threading and drilling operations



The machine in this series delivers unrivaled machining quality through carefully designed features for turning and milling operations.

The rotary tool spindle is designed for a wide variety of milling operations, from face milling and end milling to high speed drilling.


GX II  sheet metal shears (AMADA, JAPAN)

Amada guillotine shears are equipped with CNC, the processing of the part on the machine is carried out according to the specified special program, which guarantees the product high accuracy, production speed and minimum waste.

Sheet width is 3050 mm. Sheet Thickness is 12.0 mm.Sheet thickness (stainless steel) is 8.0 mm


VF-3SS Vertical machining centers (USA)

The vertical milling center allows solving a wide range of tasks: milling, drilling, and threading of parts made of a variety of materials and alloys.


HFB-1003 Press brake (AMADA, JAPAN)

AMADA Press brake allows manufacturing complex parts with minimal tolerances, and a multi-functional CNC system allows the operator to simulate the entire bending process.


AS III material storage rack with unloading and sorting unit (AMADA, JAPAN)

The material storage rack provides safe and reliable storage for raw material, residual scrap or production parts.

The rack can accept as many as nine pallets with a load capacity of 3,000 kg each.