Foreign Activity Manager

Human Resources

People are the most valuable resource of the company. “MELINVEST” OJSC owes its success to its employees — professionals.

Today we can surely assert that the unique corporate culture of “MELINVEST” JSC, which includes 150 years of traditions, values and priorities, gives every employee a special sense of being involved into the common business, i.e. the plant success and development.

One of the principles of the Company’s human resources policy is to nurture employees, surrounding young graduates with attention and assistance, while the Plant’s future depends on their professionalism.

Some things inspire respect at all times — they are professionalism and devotion to the favorite work. There are a lot of dynasties at our Company whose total working experience exceeds 100 years.

In the old times knowledge, experience and skills were conveyed from fathers to sons, from brothers to brothers. Related employees worked hand-in-hand, trying not to let each other down, to hold the family reputation.

That is how the Plant’s dynasties appeared. Fathers’ and grandfathers’ devotion to the enterprise was so strong, that their children and grandsons came to work to the Plant transferring experience and knowledge across the generations.